How can education shape the future for you and your community?

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Now more than ever, education is crucial to shaping the future we want. The future we hope for. The future we deserve. Education reduces poverty, combats diseases and boosts economic growth. Education fosters equality, strengthens communities, and equips the next generation of leaders with the skills and support to build a more safe and peaceful world. It is one of the most important investments a country can make in its people and its future.

To realize this future, where every child can receive an education, we need the world’s leaders to commit funds to education at the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Replenishment in early 2018.

GPE’s goal is to reach financing of US$2 billion a year by 2020. To get there, all partners will need to pledge increased financing at the GPE Replenishment:

  1. Donor governments provide US$3.1 billion over 2018–2020
  2. Developing country governments allocate 20% of government expenditure to education
  3. Philanthropic foundations and private sector donors step up their targeted contributions

We need your help to #ShapeTheFuture

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  • Get involved Join a civil society organization’s campaign to call on your country’s leaders to #FundEducation and #ShapeTheFuture
  • Participate in our days of action See the upcoming days below and check back for more between now and the GPE replenishment conference in early 2018!


October 31, 2017
100 Days to Fund Education

The countdown to the GPE Financing Conference has begun! World leaders have 100 days to #FundEducation and #ShapeTheFuture for 870 million children

November 20, 2017
Universal Children’s Day

Youth are calling on world leaders to #FundEducation and #ShapeTheFuture for all children. Will you join them?

December 05, 2017
Two Month Countdown: Leaders Call to Action

Attention CEOs, Presidents, Ministers, Director-Generals, Board Members…You wouldn’t be where you are today without a quality education. Do your part by calling on fellow leaders to #FundEducation and #ShapeTheFuture

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